Despite what you may be thinking, getting a root canal procedure is not an extremely painful process. Often the pain you’re experiencing now is more intense than the procedure itself. Once root canal therapy is started, you may even find that the pain begins to lessen right away, and soon after disappears altogether. There is a nerve inside every tooth that can create a great deal of pain when irritated. Deep cavities, repeated dental procedures, cracked teeth, or injury to your tooth can all result in you needing root canal therapy.

You may find yourself needing a root canal when the soft tissue inside your tooth that contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue becomes inflamed or infected. Generally you will know you need one before you even come in to see us because the pain is almost unbearable if left untreated. But if you are recommended to receive one before you have experienced any pain, you will be thankful we caught it before that tooth caused bigger problems for you. During a root canal procedure we go inside the infected tooth, remove the damaged or diseased nerves inside, clean, and then seal your tooth’s surface. If you are advised that you need a root canal, we highly suggest you take care of it as soon as possible. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated can result in total removal of the tooth as opposed to just the nerves inside. Gum and tissue surrounding the tooth may also get infected if left untreated, causing abscesses.

Lucky for you, Dr. Lee is a gentle dentist and can help you get through it. We can even off sedation dentistry if your fear of the procedure is overwhelming. If you need a root canal specialist, Milan Family Dentistry can see you right away; give us a call today.