What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the science and art of straightening teeth.  Using appliances, braces and retainers, dentists who receive additional training in orthodontics can safely, effectively and beautifully straighten teeth.

Dr. Brian T. Lee received his orthodontic training from the Academy of Straight Wire and Functional Orthodontics.  For over 30 years, the Academy has been training General Dentists how to provide top-quality orthodontic services to their patients.

 You now have braces available to you, right here in Milan. Dr. Lee can provide residents of the Milan area with the convenience of orthodontic services to the entire area.

Why Are Orthodontic Treatments Necessary?

Orthodontic treatments are generally needed to correct misalignment of the teeth and jaw which can cause debilitating problems like speech defects, difficulty swallowing / chewing, and difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene. At Milan Family Dentist, we offer orthodontic treatment for all our oral patients in order to prevent and/ or correct these problems.

We Offer The Following Orthodontic Treatment:

Dental Braces

Dental braces are used to combat misalignments in the mouth. They are a bracket and wire construct that attaches to individual teeth, and creates a gentle pull that over an extended period of time, helps to correct their position in the mouth. We offer dental braces in metal, ceramic, and clear materials.


Headgear is generally used to correct oral developmental problems like overbites and underbites. So, in addition to dental braces, headgear is occasionally used to assist in further alignment of the teeth and jawbones.


Retainers are used either on their own, as a corrective tool, or immediately after dental braces are removed to enhance the lasting appearance of properly aligned teeth. At Milan Family Dentist we often use retainers and functional appliances alike as preventative measures for potential jaw problems.

Our Orthodontic Services Are As Follows:

  • Orthodontic Consultation
  • Orthodontic Evaluations
  • Braces application and management
  • Functional Appliance Therapy To Prevent Teeth And Jaw Problems

If you have any question about the orthodontic treatments Milan Family Dentistry and Dr. Lee have to offer, contact our dental office today.