Having great looking teeth shouldn’t just be a dream. Milan Family Dentistry wants it to be a reality you can attain. If you are in need of complete or partial dentures, or simply need denture repair, we can be the ones who make your smile whole.

Did you know that around 40 million people in the U.S. have a denture? If you have a denture or think you need one, you are not alone.

When we talk with people about dentures, they ask 3 things:

  1. Will they look natural?
  2. How will they fit?
  3. Will I be able to eat?


A Natural Look
At Milan Family Dentistry, we match your denture teeth to your face shape to get that natural look.
You get to choose the size and color before the denture is made.

A Great Fit
At Milan Family Dentistry, we make 3 different molds of your mouth, each one more detailed than the last, to give you the best fit possible. All adjustments for 6 months and the 1st reline are included with every denture.

Eat with Comfort and Confidence
At Milan Family Dentistry, we offer implants as a cost-effective way to improve your denture’s chewing power.
With implants, your denture will literally snap into place and you will be able to eat more comfortably and confidently.


If you want a natural looking denture that fits great and helps you eat comfortably and confidently, you can schedule your appointment here or call us today at (812) 654-2951 for a free Dentures Consultation.

At our practice, we can provide our patients with the perfect dentures they need to give them the confidence and lifestyle they have been missing. Dentures can provide support for your cheeks and lips, but their benefits are much than just that. By getting either a complete set or partial dentures, your chewing ability improves, your speech is more defined, you have a wonderful looking smile, and most importantly you can gain the confidence you deserve to have.

Dentures are removable acrylic replacements for missing teeth that are fabricated to each patient’s unique mouth. Partial dentures are suggested to patients when they still have healthy teeth remaining; complete dentures are used when all teeth are removed from the mouth. When all tissue in the mouth is healed from tooth removal, we mold the base to fit your jaw. They can be fabricated to fit over existing teeth if you are looking to get partial dentures. Complete sets can attach to dental implants or denture stabilizers for a more secure fit in the entire mouth. Milan Family Dentistry wants the best for our patients, so give us a call and we would love to help you decide if dentures are the way to go for you. Although it can take some time to get used to dentures once they are placed in your mouth, all of our patients have said that their lives improve greatly after the placement.

Family dentistry means taking care of everyone, from those need pediatric dentistry all the way up to complete dentures. We look forward to hearing from you!