At Milan Family Dentistry, we want to make our patients as comfortable as possible. That means that if we can avoid serious procedures, we do at all costs. One route we often suggest that is less painful, and can complement other procedures, is a dental implant procedure. A dental implant is like a false root carefully and comfortably placed into the bone, allowing us to place a false tooth in your mouth. Like a natural root of a tooth, dental implants are secured into your jawbone and cannot be seen once in place beneath the gums.

Our dental implants are often suggested to patients that need crowns, bridgework, and even dentures to be more secure due to decayed or missing teeth. They are a means of stability for dental procedures that cosmetically improve the look of your entire mouth. Our durable implants are made from titanium and will not be rejected from the body once in place. Our dentists have such a high success rate with dental implant procedures because of their ability to fuse to the jawbone, acting as a stabilizing bone from the root up to where other dental work can be attached. Dental implants can help support the jawbone tissue itself, providing shape for gum tissue, cheeks, and even your lips. Besides providing a medical benefit, implants can help you eat and chew and make you feel completely confident with how your mouth and teeth look and feel.

If you think affordable dental implants are right for you. or want to ask questions to learn if they could be right for you, contact Milan Family Dentistry today.