We pride ourselves on being gentle, compassionate, careful & informative.

Gentle: Going to the dentist makes almost everyone feel nervous.  At Milan Family Dentistry we understand that finding a gentle dentist goes a long way to help you feel comfortable.

Compassionate: The mouth is a very personal place.  It can be hard to let someone else even just look.  We understand that feeling and hope our compassion will help you and your family feel at ease with our care.

Careful: We measure the quality of our dentistry in tenths of millimeters.  It takes careful hands to produce that level of quality dentistry and you can trust that our training and our standards will bring you the quality dentistry you need and want.

Informative: At Milan Family Dentistry, you can count on the Doctors and the Staff to explain your oral health, any diagnosis, any recommended treatment and any financial arrangement.  We believe that an informed patient is an empowered patient. That’s why, whether you’re here for a root canal or braces, we’ll talk you through the procedure.

At Milan Family Dentistry, we promise to do our best to take care of you and yours. It doesn’t matter if you need dentures or a pediatric dentist, we’re on your side!

You and your smile are worth it.  Schedule your next appointment today!