Milan Family Dentistry, your local dentistWe’d like to welcome you to the new-and-improved Milan Family Dentistry website and blog. When it comes to family dental in Milan, this is the place to be to learn about all of the affordable dental care you can expect from our gentle dentists.

So why does your local dentist need a blog? Glad you asked.

New And Advanced Procedures: Dr. Lee is at the forefront of dental technology and is dedicated to bringing the best to Milan. Have you heard about CEREC? It’s a CAD / CAM system, which basically means that it can create crowns while you wait…say goodbye to the two weeks of using a temporary crown and have one formed for you right there in the dentist office! As technology improves, we’ll stay on top of it.

Advice On Preventive Care: Brush, floss, rinse. These have been the standards of home dental care for decades. But what about waterpicks? Interdental brushes? Electric toothbrushes? And have you heard why you might not want to brush right after a meal? You’ll find many blogs helping you keep your teeth protected during the 363 days a year you’re not here in our dental office.

Information On Tried And True Procedures: Did you know that there’s almost no pain associated with root canal therapy? Did you know that getting dental implants will strengthen your jaw bone? Do you know that removing plaque now will prevent tartar tomorrow? We want to get the information out there to put you at ease with modern methods we use for traditional procedures.

We look forward to hearing what you think of our blogs, and hope to see you for all of your family dental needs. When it’s time for a routine checkup, dental crown, root canal, dentures, or any other dental procedure, make an appointment with your local dentist!