Gentle dental is something people will drive forWe’re a pretty small community here in Milan, but even small communities need excellent dental care. We’re happy to be able to provide Milan with the cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and family dentistry it deserves.

But we won’t lie…we hope that we become a destination dentist. If we provide the best care for the people of Milan, we think word will get around. When that happens, we think that people will be willing to drive 25, 50, or even a hundred miles to enjoy our services. Why would someone do this?

It’s A Comfortable Environment: When most people think of “going to the dentist,” they think about the offices that were built in the 1960’s that give them a pit in their stomachs. Newer dental offices are so different…you might be surprised at the amount of psychology that goes into designing a dental office in order to calm people (we won’t tell you exactly what they are because we don’t want you to see the man behind the curtain!). But rest assured, coming into our dental office is much more comfortable than entering one built just 20 years ago.

We’ve Got The Latest Technology: Here are Milan Family Dentistry, we are on top of the latest technology. Technology not only makes things easier on you, it also makes things faster. For instance, we provide CEREC services which allows for same-day crowns. We have the most advanced method for sedation dentistry. Digital x-ray machines allow us to use much less radiation…that should make you even more comfortable!

Gentle Dentists: And in the end, it always comes to the dentists and staff. We understand that people are nervous enough when they come to the dentist, whether they’re there for a root canal or a simple cleaning. We occasionally need dental services too, and we know how we’d like to be treated and act accordingly with every patient.

No matter where you are, whether in Milan or in the surrounding area, we hope you’ll stop by the most advanced dental office around. Call us today with any questions!