A root canal procedure isn't so bad“I’d rather have a root canal than…” We’ve all heard someone say that. It’s probably the most common way of saying how much you don’t want to do something, which makes the root canal seem like a horrible ordeal. You’ve got to think, though…how long has that joke been around? The 1960’s? The 50’s? Even earlier than that? No matter how old it is, it comes from a time when dentistry was nowhere near as advanced as it is today.

Root canals aren’t that painful: In reality, root canals are relatively painless, especially when compared to the pain you’ve been experiencing that brought you in in the first place. Teeth needing root canals are quite diseased, and the root is what’s telling you you’re in pain. Removal of the root can save your tooth and eliminate the pain. It’s important to save the tooth because…

Root canals avoid dental implants: Implants are an amazing invention, allowing you to have prosthetic teeth that work just like your own teeth. But it’s better if we can save your original tooth in the first place, preventing the more involved procedure of dental implants.

You can use sedation dentistry: If you still have a fear of a root canal procedure, you can opt to use sedation dentistry. We can help you relax with three different methods of sedation so that you have the most pleasant dental procedure possible.

If you leave this blog with one bit of advice, here it is: root canals are necessary to avoid a great deal of pain and more extensive (and expensive) procedures in the future. Want to know more? Give Milan Family Dentistry a call!