There’s a good reason that dental implants are becoming so popular: they work!

Here at Milan Family Dentistry, we are big fans of dental implants because they help people get back to the life they want to lead with the best teeth possible. How’s that?

They make your mouth healthier: When someone is missing teeth, the jawbone underneath that tooth can start to deteriorate. That’s because when you chew your teeth are putting constant pressure on your jawbone, essentially exercising it. If there’s no tooth above the bone, it can atrophy. When you have a dental implant (or implants) installed, you’re once again putting pressure on your entire jawbone.

The high success rate: Dental implants are the next best thing to real teeth because they act like real teeth. Once the implant post is secured in the jawbone, it fuses to the bone so there’s really no chance of it falling out. If the dental crown chips (like if you bite down on a rock for some reason), then you simply need the crown replaced and not the post.

They look great: Here’s the thing about dental implants that people love most…they look fantastic! Unlike bridges which are more obvious when you open you mouth, the parts of a dental implant are completely hidden underneath the artificial crown. It’s unlikely that anyone will ever notice that any of your dental implants aren’t your real teeth.

People have trouble with a number of other dental procedures, but dental implants are so secure and worry-free that they’re quickly becoming the go-to solution for missing teeth problems. Want to know more? Give your family dentist a call today!